About Bark

Husband and wife team, Julian and Eva Long, have rescued animals all of their lives, but one day in 2004, when Julian was exposed to a local animal shelter’s day of euthanasia, he adopted ten dogs from “Death Row” and the two have never looked back. The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina hit one year later, and their shelter was overflowing with abandoned animals. Years have passed, and their incredible journey is on-going. Over 3000 dogs have been rescued and placed in their forever homes, but there are always more in need. Both born and raised in Louisiana, they are very proud of their heritage. They love the southern traditions, the food, and the beautiful land, but regretfully admit that animals are not always treated as they should be. Sometimes they are treated like property and are kept on short chains. Some are mistreated and abused. Others run loose and are caught by animal control, keeping the shelters full of homeless pets. The main message that they would like to express is the importance of spaying and neutering animals to help reduce animal overpopulation. That is the main reason we have shelters where so many innocent animals are killed.

Boudreaux’s Animal Rescue Krewe (B.A.R.K.) is a 501c(3) non-profit animal welfare organization and NO-KILL animal shelter in Alexandria, Louisiana. We are determined and inspired to rescue homeless and/or unwanted dogs in our area because there are simply too many dogs that end up in shelters and get euthanized regularly. We rely heavily on our volunteers, donations, and fund raisers to supply the needs, care and shelter to continue to save these animal's lives and find them safe, loving, forever homes. Please contact Jillian at longj1003@aol.com or send us a message on Facebook if you would be interested in any aspect of helping, fostering, or adopting these precious animals. Viewing of the animals is done by appointment only, which can be set up by emailing longj1003@aol.com.