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Why RESCUE a Shelter Animal?

Many people think an animal ends up in a shelter because something is wrong with him or her. In most cases, this is not true.
Most animals who end up in shelters were not given up because they were “bad dogs” or had behavioral problems; they normally no longer fit into their owners lifestyles. Unfortunately, many people get an animal without thinking about the time, effort, and expense involved in caring for them for their entire lifetime. These sweet souls end up in shelters, or along the side of the road, or, if they’re lucky, in rescue like BARK. These are some of the reasons animals end up in shelters with a limited time before they get euthanized.

1. The owners don’t have time for the dog.
2. The owners find that they can’t afford either basic vet care or the expense involved in treating an illness or injury.
3.The owner dies or goes into a nursing home.
4.The owners divorce and neither party can keep the dog.
5. The owners move and cannot have pets at their new home.
6. A couple has a baby and no longer has time for the dog. Instead of incorporating the pet into their family, they tend to get rid of him or her.
7. The owners cannot housebroken or have the time to train a dog.

Did you know that 6 to 8 million pets end up in shelters each year; half of those will probably not get adopted.

So here are REASONS why you should adopt when you are ready!!!

1. You will save a Life!

Sadly, in Louisiana 130,000 pets enter shelters each year...92,000 are put to sleep, thousands more suffer in our streets. As difficult as it is to do, healthy, good-natured dogs,cats, puppies and kittens are put down at an alarming rate. Louisiana shelters can't save and support the huge number of accidental litters, strays and family pets brought to the shelter every day.
By adopting from a shelter or a rescue organization, you save actually save the lives of two animals.....the pet you adopt and a homeless animal somewhere who can now be rescued because your pet's kennel space is now available.

2. You will SAVE money!

Yes there is an adoption fee but it is less expensive than buying a pet at a pet store or through a breeder. When you adopt a dog from BARK, the adoption fee covers the animal's spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, worming, heartworm test, and heartworm treatment if needed. All dogs in our care are given monthly heartworm preventative.

3. You will FEEL better!

Animals have a way of making us smile and laugh at the silliest things. Studies show that not only do pets give their owners unconditional love but they also provide psychological, emotional and physical benefits. Caring for a companion animal can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life among all age groups. Just spending time with your new shelter pet can help reduce a person's blood pressure and cholesterol levels!! Walking your canine companion can increase your physical activity which can help strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation. Animals are healers in so many ways!

4. You will TEACH your family and friends about the importance of opting to adopt!

Many people do not realize that healthy, adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each day in shelters. Some people believe animals end up at shelters because of their temperaments or bad behaviors. Once you adopt a rescue, you will find yourself spreading the word of adoption! I did! Adopting a rescue animal for your family presents a wonderful opportunity to teach the basic values of compassion and caring, and also about the value of second chances.

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