Animal Rescue

1. Contact your local Pet Rescue Groups

The Humane Society of West Louisiana
P.O. Box 1751
DeRidder, LA 70634
Phone: (337) 462-3321
(This group mostly does small breed dog rescue or puppies)

Labs 4 Rescue
(This group rescues Labs and Mixed Breed dogs & cats)

Be sure to research different rescue groups in our state as there are many volunteers that help with transporting of animals in need.

Note: In Louisiana, if you have been caring for an animal for 30 days or longer, this animal is concerned your personal pet. If you surrender a personal pet to The Alexandria Animal Shelter or The Pineville Animal Shelter, they have the right to euthanize him or her the day surrendered because they do not have to wait for the owners to claim; you as the owners surrendered all rights. This does not mean they will euthanize your animal the same day. This means if they do not have space, deem the dog or cat unadoptable, have too many animals of that color or breed, etc., they could euthanize.

All stray animals surrendered to the Pineville or Alexandria Animal Shelter are given 3 to 5 business days before being euthanized. Again some stay longer while others are not so lucky.

2. Make flyers with a picture and a story about the animal in need of finding a new home. Pictures say a thousand words. Hang these flyers at all our local veterinarian hospitals along with Pet Friendly places like pet groomers or dog parks or even in neighborhoods. Be sure to ask questions to anyone who calls you wanting to adopt this animal. Any person can do a vet check. This means, with the permission of the potential adopter, you can contact their current veterinarian to ask them if they keep their current pets up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. The potential adopters just need to contact their vet and agree to release this information to you. It is definitely a red flag if someone refuses this request.

3. Post them on any animal rescue facebook pages in your area. Exposure is key to getting an animal adopted. BARK does courtesy posts all the time. If we cannot help by intaking the animal, we definitely will help by sharing your write up and picture. Many other groups do the same deed.

4. It helps if you can have the animal spayed or neutered prior to adopting him or her out. Many people are overwhelmed by all the expenses they will have to incur by adopting a free pet. If you can have the animal spayed or neutered first, that is beneficial.

Helpful article to read on how to adopt out your personal pet or a stray into the right a new home.